Wednesday 14 April 2021

How to Get Rid of Ladybugs

Ladybugs are usually considered a beneficial insect. They are not often a bug that will cause any harm. However, in some places ladybugs can become so numerous that they become a nuisance. Large numbers gathering all over the house is not fun, especially when they start falling everywhere - into food, your hair and on your bed. You just want to get rid of the ladybugs.

The Basics of Ladybugs

Usually you may find a few ladybugs who have lost their way and gotten trapped inside. You can simply pick them up and show them the way back outside. However, sometimes they become so numerous that it seems they are taking over your home.

Yu do not have to be afraid of ladybugs. They eat plants and the most damage they will do is chewing on your houseplants. You can usually show them away and not have to worry about them. They also will eat other insects that you really do not want in your home.

Some Nice Ways to Get Rid of Ladybugs

Since ladybugs are actually a beneficial insect, killing them can be rather harsh. However, if you must you should use methods that do not involve harsh chemicals. There really is no need. Here are some things to try:

- Spray then with a lemon scented cleaner.

- Vacuum them up and empty the bag or container outside.

- Burn lemon scented candles.

- Hang sticky strips or put bug sticky sheets in areas you find them.

Small Annoyances

In general ladybugs are not too bad of an insect to have a problem with, however, sometimes they will bite and then there is something else - they stink. If you smash one you will get an awful stink. So be aware of this when you are setting out to rid your home of ladybugs.

Why Are They Here

Many ladybugs have been introduced in large numbers due to the fact they are beneficial. They multiplied rapidly and now are causing problems as a home invader. They come into your home because they like warmth and seek it out. Try to keep them outside by turning off lights near the doors and entrances. Always be careful when coming inside to keep them out.

You may never rid your home completely of ladybugs, but you can reduce their numbers and make your home more livable. Just understand that in many areas ladybugs are a major problem and something you may have to deal with.